10 Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter

10 Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter

Wondering if Twitter can help your business? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Read on for 10 ways you can use Twitter for your small business:

1. Build Brand Awareness

One of the top benefits of using Twitter for business is that it helps build brand awareness. With Twitter, you can share information about your brand with consumers far and wide, reaching out to customers and prospects in your local area, city or state; across the country; and around the world. Even a very small company can build big brand awareness with Twitter.

2. Monitor Conversations

Just think of how effective your business would be if you knew what others were saying about it. Twitter offers you the chance to monitor conversation about your business in real time. Then, you can take what you learn and use it to build on your strengths and make improvements as necessary.

3. Promote Content

Twitter makes it very easy to promote your content. Whether you have an informative website, engaging blog, instructional video, or moving presentation to share, your Twitter account provides the perfect opportunity to drive traffic there.

4. Engage Your Audience

Often, businesses do a good deal of talking at their prospects simply because of the marketing approaches they choose. Twitter, however, allows you to do things a bit differently and engage with the people you seek to influence. When you focus on engagement, customers and prospects feel more connected with and loyal to your business.

5. Find Business Contacts

Twitter is a great resource for connecting with other business people. Whether you’re looking for business people with whom to network, potential partners or people to trade referrals with, Twitter makes connecting with others easy.

6. Keep Up to Date

Keeping up with industry news and updates can be important in making the right choices for your business. Thanks to Twitter, it’s easy to stay informed of the latest news and trends.

7. Demonstrate Your Desire to Help

Consumers often feel fatigued when hit with just another sales pitch. Twitter allows you a way to work up to the sale by sharing information and resources. This encourages customers and prospects to view you as helpful rather than simply after the sale.

8. Provide Customer Service

Twitter isn’t just for chit chat and sharing, you can also use it for customer service. Outdo the competition by providing fast, responsive support online.

9. Find Your Newest Employee

Use Twitter to find your next star employee. Just think, your followers are people who are interested or involved in your industry. At least some among them will be interested in your available job.

10. Enjoy an SEO Boost

Links from social media accounts to your website help boost your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your website. And when your links are retweeted again and again? Expect to get even more love from the search engines.

How have you used Twitter to help your business?

10 Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter

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