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Boost productivity with these time management tips
Maximize your success as a small business owner with these 8 time management tips. Enhance your productivity, achieve work-life balance, and stay ahead of the competition with expert advice on Time Management, Small Business, Productivity, and Work-Life Balance.

Small business owners are often tasked with playing many roles within their company (if not all the roles). You’re the CEO, human resources manager, customer support professional, IT coordinator…the list never ends. That’s why time management is so important—not just to ensure the business keeps humming but also to allow room for small business growth.

How can you best manage all the duties and distractions that occur daily and still maintain a positive work-life balance? Here are some tips to consider.

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Recently, I had the honor of giving a presentation to some of the smartest people in social media. Hosted by the Social Media Association of Michigan, sponsored by Tech Town Detroit, I was asked to “cram everything I know about blogging into a one-hour presentation.”

Well, it’s pretty difficult to condense 12 years of experience into one hour. Knowing that these are savvy marketers, I thought presenting the tools and systems for keeping the content engine turning would be the most helpful since this can be a daunting task for even the most well-seasoned content marketers.

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