Our Team

Our team has grown a lot since Crackerjack Marketing was founded in 2010, but some of our core team members have been working together in various capacities for nearly twenty years. Click on one of our names to learn more about the individuals that make up Team Crackerjack. Our moms think we’re pretty smart cookies, we hope you do too.

Stephanie Schwab

CEO & Founder

Christina Strickland

Vice President

Cori Jacobs

Client Services Specialist

Amy Edge

Operations Director

Jamie Knupp

Client Services Specialist

Nadia DeLeon

Community Manager

Shreya Jha

Digital Marketing Consultant

Teja Rau

Content Creator

Archie Alibasa

Web Developer and CRM Specialist

Sylvia Anderson

Content Specialist

George Silagadze

SEO Specialist

Elaine Veltri

Content Specialist

Priyanktha Iyengar

Graphic Designer

Katherine Gochenour

Content Specialist

Tamar Weinberg

Digital Marketer