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Once upon a time, social media was “free.” You could open a Twitter account or Facebook business page for your company and attract followers and fans and be seen by most of them, most of the time.

Today, social media as “free” has become a long-ago fairy tale. Social media platforms are now media outlets, and social advertising is the best way to ensure that your messages are seen (and heard) by your desired audiences.

As a beta user of Twitter’s advertising platform, and an early adopter of other social ad platforms, we have significant experience running successful social ad campaigns to drive leads and engagement for our clients.

Our social advertising services include:

  • Advertising Strategy: We’ll help you determine the best platforms for your audience and message, and integrate those efforts with other digital advertising initiatives.
  • Social Advertising Management: We run social ad programs soup-to-nuts, from creative to budgeting to A/B testing and analysis.

We optimize for the following social advertising platforms:

  • Facebook: Take advantage of low-cost, highly targeted ads for B2B and consumer businesses
  • Twitter: Develop superior lead generation and brand awareness
  • LinkedIn: Reach the highest-level, business-targeted audience
  • Instagram: Promote products, events, and services direct to fans
  • Pinterest: Drive cost-effective sales and awareness for consumer businesses

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