Mizba Sajan

Social Media Manager

Mizba developed an interest in marketing when she was introduced to social media. She realized that digital marketing is fundamental in growing any business, and has made it a goal to build a successful career in digital marketing.

Mizba has gained the experience of multiple industries while working with jewelry brands, schools, authors, and accessories. Along with Web Development, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Mizba has been able to gain expertise in Public Relations with online and offline marketing campaigns.

Leave no stone unturned- is what Mizba believes. She wants to experience all that she can through her entire life. She feels there is always room to grow, so she tries to keep on learning through courses or experience. In her personal life, Mizba is passionate towards the people and things she loves- which includes her little son, loving family, travel, and dance. Her current caffeine love is a Chai Tea Latte. You’ll always find her doing something pertaining to any of these with her family by her side.