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We’re bloggers ourselves and we really understand bloggers and digital influencers. We are not PR people, we’re marketing people: we don’t “pitch” bloggers, we make them trusted partners in our clients’ marketing programs.

We, therefore, might approach influencer relations differently than your PR agency does; most of our influence programs involve payments from the brand to the influencer, in recognition of the marketing work they’re doing on the brand’s behalf. Even though they’re paid programs, they’ll usually cost far less than traditional marketing efforts that could achieve the same results.

And we don’t only work with bloggers – we have relationships with all types of digital influencers, including Instagrammers, YouTubers, Periscopers and many other “-ers” that can help you reach your target audience.

In creating these brand-influencer marketing partnerships, we engage influencers to do any or all of the following work with clients:

  • Writing content for our clients’ blogs and social presences
  • Creating brand-related or brand-sponsored content on their own blogs and social media presences (often including video)
  • Engaging in brand social media platforms (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more)
  • Acting as a brand spokesperson, online and/or offline
  • Participating in real-life brand events
  • Appearing in brand marketing materials

Our influencer relationships are particularly deep in the parenting and lifestyle blogging space, and we can network into contacts in a variety of other categories and industries.  We make our best effort to avoid “blind” pitching to bloggers we don’t know or with whom we don’t already have at least a connection, if not a relationship.

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