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We’ve been working in social media and content marketing since the beginning and we’ve seen lots of flashy new things come and go. That’s why we don’t chase the latest and greatest for our clients; we build smart strategies and programs for smart brands.

Our digital marketing strategy engagements typically fall into one of three modes:

  • Stand-alone Strategy: If you need a bit of a kick-start to help you and your team see the forest through the trees of the everyday in marketing, we’re here to help!  We’ll craft a go-forward plan that you can execute. Our written strategy plans are based on internal discovery with the client’s team and also look outwards to competitors and the overall industry/category marketing environment.
  • Outsourced Marketing: We can act as an outsourced marketing team for all or part of your marketing, online and offline. This is great for small and startup teams or teams in transition, particularly those who don’t have solid content marketing and social media resources in place.
  • Get Rolling Plan: We often start with complete marketing execution for clients, based on our initial strategy development, and then train and educate the team to allow them to take over the marketing functions over time. Transition time to get our clients doing most of their own day-to-day marketing is anywhere from three to 18 months, depending on client team size and resources.

We can, of course, happily customize a strategy project just for your company.

Other strategy services we provide include:

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Stephanie and her team created an awesome comprehensive content marketing plan which included a strategy to expand my message to four other diverse market segments.

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