Ilana Rabinowitz

Client Manager

Ilana has been a health writer since second grade when she wrote a poem about her medical practitioners. (“My doctor’s name is Dr. Heath. There’s also doctors for your teeth.”) She is devoted to wellness education and writes on topics including mind-body medicine and healthy eating.She has published a book about psychotherapy, although she’s not a therapist, a book about knitting, although she’s not a knitter, and a book about meditation (ok sometimes she meditates.)
Ilana has been fascinated with all things digital since floppy disks and dial-up modems.

She established an eCommerce site for a brand a few months before Google launched. The brand won one of the first Webby’s. Google proceeded to take over the world. She led the marketing efforts for the brand for twenty years, winning numerous awards and growing their social following and email subscribers into an audience of several million. She also developed a program where influencers developed products and generated much of the eCommerce revenue.

Ilana practices yoga and plays tennis almost every day with her husband when the weather cooperates.
She came from the suburbs of Philadelphia, but found her hyperactive soul-city in New York, where she lives with her husband near her extended family.