cori jacobs

Cori Jacobs

Client Services Specialist

After several years as a QA tester and software developer, in 2007 Cori’s experience with online communities led her to transition to social media. As part of the management team at Converseon, she worked on projects for clients such as Graco, IBM, Palm, and Siemens.

As a Client Services Specialist for Crackerjack Marketing, Cori is a voice for a number of our clients across multiple social networks, with a focus on those within the B2B tech industry. She enjoys seeking out and participating in culture-driven brand-relevant conversations and understands the need to identify, engage and build strong, positive relationships with your customers and influencers.

Cori is a world traveler, having lived in the UK and a number of cities across Canada. In her spare time, she likes road trips, video games, and spending time with her nieces.