Your website is like your farm. You get to choose what to grow or tend, and then you reap the rewards of having planted that crop or having raised that herd, hopefully for years to come.

Content Marketing is what makes your farm valuable. It’s the acres of corn, the herd of cattle, or the prize-winning heirloom tomatoes. Content – written, visual or video – is what attracts search engines to your site, gives your company original ideas to fill your social streams, and helps make your executives into thought leaders. Content can be traffic-driving and buzz-building, and it’s critical for today’s companies if they want to compete in the digital space.

Crackerjack Marketing’s Content Marketing services include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy: We can help your company define the subjects, themes, and topics that will resonate with your audience; we’ll also work with you to create a content engine within your company.
  • Content Creation: We’re expert content creators, from blogs to eBooks to white papers, and also webinars, videos, and podcasts.
  • Email Marketing: We can help you use your existing email list (or build a new list!) to get your content into the inboxes of your most loyal customers and potential customers.
  • Content Ignition: It’s not enough to have created great content; we know how to make it take off and reach the audience most important to your company.

All of our content is informed by best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including keyword development and implementation.

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As a partner agency in the development of, a social responsibility program underwritten by Pernod Ricard USA that helps parents discuss underage drinking issues with their children, Crackerjack Marketing has provided consistently excellent social media content and has played an important role in the strategic evolution of the concept.  Their comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of digital media has been an invaluable asset in the success of this campaign.

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