How To Survey Your Customers Like A Pro


How To Survey Your Customers Like A Pro

Knowing your customers, understanding their wants and their needs, and getting feedback quickly on new products and services, is critical to your business success. One of the best tools available for getting that information is offered by a company called Survey Monkey. It’s free for a basic service that allows up to 100 responses per survey. For a relatively small annual charge, you can get thousands of responses and a wide array of survey types and analysis through simple or complex customer surveys.


If you need guidance on creating a survey including what types of questions to ask, what to avoid, how to best to design a survey and how to improve response rates, Survey Monkey has examples for many types of businesses and different kinds of surveys.  They also have a helpful blog with tips and tricks to guide your use. When you create a survey, you’ll be able to look at the results as they come in and, if you’re a paid user, you’ll get charts and graphs to help analyze the results even further.

A survey conducted by your company is not always as reliable or objective as one performed by professional survey company and conducted independently. But the ability to check in with your customers regularly at a nominal cost means you’ll get to know your customers and can make changes to your business quickly in order to meet their needs. A huge bonus is the surprise and delight your customers will feel when they’re asked their opinion and then responded to them.  After all, everyone really wants to be heard – customers too!

Note: Crackerjack Marketing has no relationship with Survey Monkey except as a satisfied customer.

How To Survey Your Customers Like A Pro

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