7 Tips for Success in Social Media

Some of the simplest things can influence your success with social media. However, it’s also the simple things that many7 Tips for Success in Social Media business people overlook or forget. Don’t fall into the same trap. Here are seven tips for ensuring your social media success:

  1. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. You don’t need a presence on every social media network to reap the benefits of social media. Instead, figure out where your audience is, go there, and establish a strong presence on that social media network. If you hear how great a particular platform is, but your audience isn’t there, why should you be? Focus your efforts.
  2. Though you should not try to dominate every social media network out there, it’s also a bad idea to restrict yourself to just one. As mentioned in the previous tip, you want to be where your audience spends its time. Find out which social media networks are most frequented by your audience, and concentrate on them.
  3. Don’t give up on emailing. Social media has not replaced email. Start your conversations on social media networks and definitely engage there, but when the time comes for a more in-depth conversation, take advantage of email to further the relationship. And don’t forget that telephone calls and in-person meetings can also help solidify a relationship you initiated via social media.
  4. Never forget about SEO. Good SEO can help drive traffic to the profiles you create on social media networks as well as to the content you post and share.
  5. Make sure the message you post fits the network. To save time, you may consider posting the same message to all your social media networks. Don’t do this. Instead, take note of the types of messages that work best on each network and tailor your content.
  6. Track, monitor, and measure everything you do on social media. Remember that time is money, and it’s a waste of time to use social media will nilly. You need to monitor and measure if you want to learn what works and how it’s helping your business. Move forward with the efforts that get you the results you want, and reduce or stop the efforts that aren’t helping you meet your goals.
  7. Be genuine. Social media requires you to get personal, but be yourself while you’re at it. No one likes a phony, and your social media success is dependent on people liking you enough to pay attention to your posts.
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Christina Strickland

Vice President at Crackerjack Marketing
As Vice President of Crackerjack Marketing, Christina works closely with clients to develop and execute world-class social media strategies and creative influencer marketing programs. Her mantra is “measure, measure, measure!” because size really does matter - at least when it comes to growing her clients’ social media presences.
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